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AOL Shield Support Number for Download AOL Shield Pro Error :

AOL Shield is one of the best, secure web browser which is entirely based on Google Chrome. You will get all the extra necessary advance security options in it; those securities will help you to be protected from scam or phishing websites.

Talking about those advanced features, this browser comes with anti-keylogging technology, this technology will help you to prevent hackers from seeing what you typing, It also prevents malware from taking pictures of your monitor when you are typing sensitive information such as login ID or password.

Recommend Specification Of Install AOL Shield Pro

In order to use the AOL shield smoothly, your system needs to be with Pentium 4 processor or better, at least 1 GB of ram and 500 MB of hard disk space. Talking about the operating system, It should be the latest Windows 7 SP1 or newer. Installation is straightforward. First, you need to download the AOL Shield setup then double click on it and follow the instruction on the screen; once the installation process is completed, you need to restart your PC.

Install AOL Shield Pro

When you first times open AOL Shield, you will need to choose the default web browser, and then you will see the Welcome Page which featured main security features of this browser such as anti-keylogging protection, screen capture protection, anti-phishing alerts and all the necessary information about it. You will also get the complete details on AOL Shield supports Chrome apps and extensions.

Most people use Google Chrome, and when you open AOL Shield first time, you will feel familiar. As we tell you before, the AOL shield is entirely based on chrome. It has the same minimalist interface, as New Tab page and same incognito windows for private browsing. Most of the expert suggests using AOL because of its advanced security options.

AOL makes the AOL browser, and that’s why the default home page is set to, and the default search is set to you need to change it to your favorite search engine, you can do this from the setting of the browser.

Protect Yourself Online with AOL Shield Pro

The AOL shield pro browser is widely used by the professional because of their whole host of advanced security options, with this browser, you don’t need to worry about the online hacking and such other problem, Now let us understand about the main features of AOL shield.

  • The Anti-keylogging technology of the browser will provide real-time encryption that hides what you enter on your keyboard from hackers.
  • The Screengrab protection will stop malware from taking pictures of your monitor as you enter sensitive data.
  • Help you to stop scam websites from loading, so you don’t get tricked into revealing personal details.

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AOL Tech Support +1-888-320-3184 For AOL Shield Support

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