AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails

How to Fix AOL Mail Not Receiving Email Problem ?

AOL webmail is very high safe and rapid services that it provided . However, at many points, users find various troubles with their incoming emails or messages. This email receiving problem, although it isn’t permanent, requires to be resolved immediately. If you don’t take measures to troubleshoot it, your entire workflow will be severely impacted. In- case users face the AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails Problem know that there are various causes behind it.

AOL has a program to track the spam messages from any scammer. If a user repeatedly receives emails with same content every day or every two days, AOL filters this content before it reaches the user’s email inbox.  AOL makes sure that the users data is safe through their service. As is essential for a service provider to ensure all users’ data safety and that it does not fall into any wrong hands.

For that, Users need to look out for the entire blog without skipping any segments. This blog will become helpful for users to get the solution according to their needs.

Reasons for AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails Problem :

If users are thinking about why am I not receiving my AOL emails or you can’t receive AOL mail, then there may be multiple reasons behind this problem and some of them are listed below: 

  • Messages may go to the spam folder.
  • Maybe the sender is blocked by you.
  • There may be a communication gap between the server and clients.
  • The AOL server may fail, although this happens very rarely. 
  • There may be a server problem between the sender and the receiver.
  • bad network connection.
  • Server problems with AOL
  • Typing errors made by the users
  • You have mistakenly clicked on the email address of the sender.
  • Emails are landing in the junk or spam folder.
  • The inbox is filled, and there is no space.

If the user is repeatedly reporting that their AOL account is not receiving emails, then there may be other reasons as well for this problem, but the aforementioned reasons are the most common ones.   

Easy Methods to Resolve the AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails Problem?

When users cannot receive AOL emails, sign out of your account and then launch an incognito window. Sign in to your account again, and then check your inbox. If users can see your messages, it implies that your browser’s cookies prevent the mailbox’s download. In this case, users need to reset the browser to get rid of this problem. Here are some other methods that you can implement.

First Method : Check the Filters :

Incoming email paths are affected by email filters. The filters can save the emails at another location instead of in your inbox. You should inspect the filter rules and sort the incoming emails accordingly. Inspect every folder that you have allocated to a different folder. You want to be sure that the filters you have set up facilitate you in organizing your emails and do not make them disappear. Users should also check all different folders like junk, trash, and spam. After you have identified in which folder your emails are present, follow these steps.

  • Users Launch the browser.
  • Sign in to your AOL account.
  • You need to Navigate to folder which has your incoming emails. 
  • Select all  messages you desire to move. 
  • Tab the More button on top of  mailbox.
  • Now, tap on ‘Move’ and select designated folder.

Second Method : Inspect the Server Settings of AOL

Another reason why you are experiencing AOL not receiving emails is the incorrect AOL email server settings. The incoming and outgoing server settings are crucial for the seamless sending and receiving of messages. The settings are essential for every user of mail apps. Given below are the correct IMAP and POP server settings. Users use them to configure your AOL server settings proper way.

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POP3 Server and Port Settings

  • Check’s incoming mail server.
  • 995 is the port number
  • If SSL is enabled,
  • is the name of the outgoing mail server.
  • The port number is 465.

Check out IMAP Server and Port Settings 

  • is the incoming mail server. 
  • 993 is the port number
  • If SSL is enabled,
  • is the incoming mail server. 
  • 465 is the port number.

Third Method : Disable the Mail Forwarding

When the mail forwarding is turned on, the incoming emails will be delivered to the account you chose to forward the messages. This functionality is suitable for those users who are required to handle numerous accounts via a single mail account. But if you don’t need it and it is turned on, you might experience AOL email not receiving emails. Users need to disable it through these steps.

  • Navigate to the Settings.
  • Tap on Forwarding and turn it off.

Fourth Method : Reset Your Browser

Are you unable to receive emails on AOL through your regular browser? It implies that cookies are obstructing the smooth communication process. For that situation, the best measure is to reset your browser on your system. After you reset it, re-access your AOL webmail again.

Fifth Method :Update Your Browser

The problem with receiving emails on AOL is because of the presence of an outdated browser. Users can quickly resolve this problem by updating the mail settings on it. After that, try again to access your AOL mail account. You shouldn’t find any problem in working with it.

Sixth Method : Inspect the Network Connectivity

When users cannot receive AOL emails, the foremost action should be to check your network connection. If the internet on your computer is not working correctly, then you will inevitably face this issue. There shouldn’t be any network errors while you are using the webmail. 

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Seventh Method : Research About Delivery Delays

Secondly, there are fewer times when users are not able to receive emails due to delivery delays. In such cases, there is nothing you can do but wait. It is mostly caused by bad network connections, heavy network traffic, and, sometimes, routing problems. It’s better not to fret about it when it happens and wait for a few moments till it is solved, or ask the sender to resend it, describing the predicament you are in.

Eighth Method: Examine the Spam or Junk Folders

Sometimes, a few emails are redirected to the spam or junk folders to avoid any kind of data misuse. If you are sure that the email should not be in the spam or junk folders, you can follow the following steps to prevent it from going into the spam folder:

  • Check if there are any email filters applied to the list.
  • If you find any filters, delete them. You should be able to receive emails now.
  • Check the boxes against the emails that you are sure are not spam.
  • Select button that is labelled Not Spam.

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The AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails Problem won’t bother users now that you know the various causes and troubleshooting techniques. Start by checking the email filters and also inspect the AOL server settings. The effective methods include resetting and updating your browser. Here mentioned the steps for your help. If users are not able to use it, If you need live support for that, If the problem doesn’t resolve, contact the AOL support team. Users drop your an email to: .Experts are available 24/7 for your assistance. Provide you best solution according to your problems within working hours.

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