Problems Receiving Mail in AOL Desktop Gold

How to Fix Problems Receiving Mail in AOL Desktop Gold?

Looking to Fix Problems Receiving Mail in AOL Desktop Gold? We will discuss the reasons & Step wise Solution to Fix AOL Mail not Receiving Emails Problems. AOL Desktop Gold is awesome software that has anything within one screen like email, entertainment, news, you just named it. It is really simple for you to keep in touch with your contacts because of these features, anytime you download it from AOL Gold Download Center for web browsing or sending/receiving emails. After all, due to certain technical errors, a number of users experience issues receiving mail in AOL Desktop Gold. If you still face a similar issue with your AOL account, then the below guidelines will surely help you to fix the error.

Here, to solve the issue effectively, you will become familiar with every single detail or step. Only look at the points below to fix mail receiving issues:

Learn How to Fix mail Receiving issues

If you can sign in and read your emails in AOL Gold but do not receive new emails, then you will learn lots how to easily fix the problem online.

Fix AOL Mail not Receiving Emails

Check your Enlisted Filters

A filter will also prevent emails from coming into your inbox and sending them to either the garbage folder or some other folder as well. To solve this problem, to ensure that your incoming messages are properly organized, you will need to check the filters you have created.

Aware of delivery delays

Messages are sent in the proper way by clicking the send button. It is very uncommon that a message in transit is delayed. Generally, delay occurs due to problems on the mail server, problems with routing, or heavy internet traffic.

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Unfortunately, if the message is delayed or undeliverable, instead of waiting, you would not be able to make decisions. If possible, you can try asking the sender to send the message again to see if the message can be sent a second time.

Please check your spam folder for emails that do not belong there.

Whenever you encounter emails which does not belong in your spam folder, you need to mark these emails as non-spam.

  • Using your AOL Mail account to login.
  • Click on the Spam folder to open it.
  • Only select a message that is not spam.
  • To avoid spam, do not look at the top of the page and click on it.


You’ve tried all the points, in case, but your issue still continues. Try removing and reinstalling the software from AOL Gold. You must download AOL Desktop Gold software from scratch for this. You need to fully delete from your system all the files relevant to AOL Gold software and then update it. The above method can help to fix an error that causes you to be unable to send or receive mails. When using the AOL gold software, the steps need to be followed one by one and be careful so that you do not come across such errors.

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