AOL Desktop Gold Freezes or Not Responding

How to Resolve AOL Desktop Gold Freezes or Not Responding ?

Learn How to Fix : AOL Desktop Gold Freezes or Not Responding is one of the most common Problems met by AOL users. There are many number of possible reasons like compatibility issues, virus or malware attack, and more due to which AOL software may stop responding. 

With some simple steps, users can easily resolve the issue. If you are experiencing problems using email after installing AOL Gold on your device, In this blog we mentioned all the important points. So reader study the entire blog without skipping any sections. This blog will solve your problem permanently without any hassle. 

What Are Troubleshooting Methods to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Freeze or Not Responding Issue?

Method First : Update the software:

The main factor why AOL Desktop Gold is not responding if users using outdated version software. In such cases, the first thing you require to ensure any software updates and finish the process before running AOL Desktop Gold on your system 

Method Second : Scan the system: 

AOL Desktop Gold can also give you errors if your software is out of date. Whenever you experience a software error or any other technical issue that prevents you from using it, make sure you run a virus scan on your system.

Method Third : Check the Internet : 

If the software is up-to-date and the system is virus-free, then users should check the internet to make sure their connection is secure. You should consider temporarily halting all downloads and then checking if you can open AOL Desktop Gold. If users face the same trouble, try to disconnect it and then reconnect the internet cables or Wi-Fi connection before continuing. Once everything is connected, check and open your AOL Desktop Gold again.

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Method Fourth : Fix Damaged Desktop Software 

If your AOL Gold Desktop freezes or does not respond due to damaged software, you must follow the below-listed steps to fix it.

  • Move to Start menu and navigate the Control panel
  • Press the “programmes and features” option.
  • Next, move to Uninstall a program.
  • Now, select AOL Gold Desktop and delete it from your system.
  • Wait for a few moments till the uninstallation process is finished, then reopen your PC.
  • Download AOL Gold Desktop with an updated version from internet and place it on your SYSTEM 

Check out the More Solutions to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Freezes Issue :

If users are not able to fix the AOL Desktop Gold Freezes or not responding with any of the above-mentioned steps, Users must check  an issue with your AOL software. To find out if there’s an issue with your AOL Desktop Gold, use the steps below:

Process first : Run AOL Desktop Gold with Admin Account

Maybe the issue is with other programmes interrupting your AOL software. In order to be sure, you must try and run AOL Desktop Gold application with Admin rights and see if the issue still exists.

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Check out the steps 

  • Users need to navigate to AOL Desktop Gold application icon, not shortcut icon.
  • Now right-click on it and then select the Run As Administrator option.
  • Try using the application and see if you are still facing any issues like AOL Desktop Gold Freezes or Not Responding

Process Second : Reinstall and Run AOL Software in the Compatibility Mode

Most of the time, the problem is caused by an out-of-date version of AOL Desktop Gold. Users must delete the AOL application from your device and reinstall the latest version of it. After that, you are required to run it in compatibility mode and install the software. Check the below steps to run AOL Desktop Gold in compatibility mode:

  • First of all, you must download the AOL Desktop Gold installation file from the official website of AOL or any other reliable source.
  • Save the AOL installation file on your desktop.
  • After saving the software, head to the Desktop window and navigate to the installer file.
  • Right-click on file 
  • Enter on properties option.
  • Now select the Compatibility Mode option and check the Run this programme in compatibility mode box.
  • Enter on the drop-down arrow to open up the menu and then select your previous operating system.
  • Users press on OK  button
  • You need to reinstall AOL Gold.

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Some other troubleshooting solutions that you can try include:

  • Updating AOL software to the latest version
  • Diagnosing any issue with your operating system and then fixing it
  • Check to see if your PC is capable of running AOL Desktop Gold.

Live -Support for AOL Desktop Gold Freezes or Not Responding  :

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