AOL Mail Not Working

How to Resolve AOL Mail Not Working On Windows 10?

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The advent of digital technology revolutionized emailing and built one of the most prominent ways to establish successful communication. Email is the most reliable and convenient option With the importance of email as a tool for sharing important documents, several companies have been introduced in the market that provide email services. It is a best email service provider for users. Many users utilize AOL email accounts for professional and personal purposes with no problems. Fix Problems Reading or Receiving AOL Mail. General Troubleshooting to Fix AOL Mail Not Working Problems. General Troubleshooting Tips for AOL is Not Working.

The problem with your AOL account mail not working on Windows 10 for that reason users need guidance to solve this problem. In this blog we have discussed every step in detail. Users can read the entire blog without skipping a section. There is a lot of information to be found in all these sections for permanently resolving this issue.

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Check Issues for AOL Mail Not Working on Window 10 :

Have a look :

Check Cookies in Your Browser: The cookies and caches in your browser history are most often responsible for making software s hang or freeze.

Corrupt the Software’s: The software’s in your system is sometimes infected with some kind of corruption. The AOL desktop version might be corrupted or improperly installed which could cause issues like AOL mail not currently available.

Guidelines for firewalls and other anti-virus software: Firewalls and other anti-virus programs have rules to be followed, which are essential for safety concerns, but some of these rules may cause issues when attempting to access AOL.

Viruses in the System : Viruses, malware, trojan horses, and ransomware are all out to destroy one’s data and software.

Poor Internet Connectivity : The most insignificant cause of the AOL mail not working issue is inadequate internet connectivity. This could be fixed right away the data connection seems slow.

Add-ins : A slew of unnecessary add-ins and plug-ins in the browser are sometimes the real culprits, causing a slew of problems with AOL mail.

Insufficient RAM Memory : This factor is going to be a headache when you are trying to load the desktop version of AOL mail. The exceeded memory space in RAM could be a hindrance in the way of loading an AOL mail account.

Methods to Resolve AOL Mail Not Working on Window 10 :

Let’s have a look :

Disable the Two-Step Verification :

Suppose users can’t configure your AOL email with Windows 10 the problem might be your email account. Many users use two-step authentication to protect their email account.

It is a good practice since malicious users won’t access your email even if they hack your email password. Two-step verification is an excellent security feature that you should use this feature can cause problems with the Mail app on Windows 10.Many users reported that they could not sync their AOL email with the Mail app due to two-step authentication.

Use Other Email Client :

If  you can’t configure your AOL email with Windows 10 you must consider using a different email client. This suggestion is made available to you from the start as several customized email clients are public.

If users choose an email client that show .The app recommended brings many customizable features and options in a single click to use the most of your time when working with it. Bring all your emails and contacts from different accounts to one place.

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AOL Not Working on Windows 10 Mail App :

First, we will try to troubleshoot the AOL mail issue for Windows 10 Mail App.

Users Follow up with the below tricks:

Tip First : Examine Your AOL Mail Server Settings

  • Visit the Settings option to Click on Manage Accounts >> choose your AOL account.
  • Now hit the Mailbox Sync Settings option.

Look for these Settings Options:

  • Check IMAP Username:
  • Incoming Mail Server:

Note: Users may use the POP protocol as an incoming server too, but it is highly recommended to use IMAP in this particular case of AOL with Windows Mail. Other email clients can also use POP.

  • Port No.: 143 (Standard), 993 (SSL)
  • SMTP Outgoing Server: Port: 587
  • Check SMTP Username:
  • Enter password for the Windows 10 Mail App.

Tip Second : Deactivate and reactivate your AOL account.

  • Open the Mail App >> Go to Settings
  • Navigate to Manage Account option.
  • Enter on Delete an Account >> SELECT your AOL account.
  •  you are done removing your AOL account, add it again.

By now the issue must be resolved.

  • To resolve the AOL Mail not working on Windows 10 Mail App issue, disable the privacy settings and Two-Step Authentication.
  • If nothing works, try restarting the Windows Mail App.

Is there an AOL Mail app for Windows 10 ?

Users Open Windows Start menu option and click All apps. Locate  AOL app in list. press Pin to Start to add this app to your Start menu. Alternatively, users can select Pin to taskbar if you would like to add a shortcut to bottom of your desktop.

Some helpful Tips to Fix the AOL Mail Not Working on window 10

The above methods were specific to the Windows 10 Mail App.

  • Always clean your browser cookies and caches.
  • Update your browsers to the latest versions.
  • You need to Upgrade your AOL desktop versions to newest versions.
  • Delete the bookmarks and sign in to AOL mail.
  • Remove the additional plug-ins.
  • Keep your system virus free.
  • Free up some RAM memory.

Help Desk for AOL Mail Not Working on Window 10  :

Here ,many users are using AOL account without any problem. If users find this issue their AOL Mail Not Working on Windows 10 .Users are worried about it .For solve this problem searching solution online. We mentioned best methods for your help you can apply it. In-case users need to live support .Coordinator with AOL Mail Support. You need to drop your mail on support mail id :  .Experts assist you according to your need .Provide you online guidance to solve your concern within working hours. 

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