How To Send Large Files Within Emails In Roadrunner

How to Send Large Files in Roadrunner Email?

Roadrunner email is a well-known email service for users. It provides great features to users. Users use the roadrunner mail for their personal and professional use without any issues. If users want to Send Large Files In  Roadrunner Email. If users are not able to send the files. For that users search the online solution. In this blog, we talk about the steps to send large files within seconds without any issues. To get the instant solution users can read this blog without skipping any sections.

Easy Solution for Send Large Files In Roadrunner Email 

If users want to send large files via email, you need to keep in mind the file size limits. We will show you how to use email to send large files. On many email servers, You cannot send large files over a certain size to the recipient.

How To Send Large Files Within Emails In Roadrunner

Google Drive: Use with Mail 

Check the easy methods  

  • Users can send and receive files of up to 50 MB with Gmail. It makes sense to use the built-in drive to send large files. 
  • Enter the compose button to open your email account. The compose window has a button at the bottom of it.
  • The files are in the window of the drive. 
  • Press on the files you want to attach. Decide at the bottom of the page how you want to send the file.
  • The Drive link can be used for any files that are stored on the drive, including files created using any of the above.
  • Attachment only works for files that weren’t built using any of the other tools.
  • Enter it if users want to insert If your recipients have access to the file, Gmail checks to see if they have it. 
  • If they do not, users will have to change the sharing settings of your file in Drive sending it. 
  • Permissions can be set to prevent the file from being sent to others.

Use the One Drive 

Have a look at the methods 

  • The file gets uploaded to the email attachment folder if you follow this prompt.
  • The link to the file will be given to the recipient. There is a limit of 2 GB on the files you can share from One Drive.
  • Choose the Change permission and decide what you want to do with the file. There are two options you can choose from.
  • The recipient can view Signing in is required to copy or download your file.
  • Recipients can edit. They can change, add, or remove files in a shared folder.

How To Send Large Files Within Emails In Roadrunner


Dropbox: Integrate With Mail 

Look out for the simple methods 

  • Users can send files, previews, and links without leaving your window if you use the Dropbox for Gmail extension.
  • The compose window has a Dropbox icon added to it.
  • You can select the file from your account by clicking the icon.
  • The email message has a file in a link that gets attached.
  • You will get rich previews of all the links in the emails that you receive. like an attachment,
  • Users can use these links to download the files from Gmail or add them to their Dropbox accounts.
  • You can only have the largest file size limit of 2GB with a free account.
  • Make sure you are using the best possible connection type.
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DropSend: Send Large Files From Any Device 

Drop Send allows you to send large files like videos directly from its homepage without signing up. To send a file, you need to type in the recipient’s email address, browse to the file location, and enter the Send Your File button. It is important to complete the verification procedure before sending the file. There is a maximum file size limit of 4GB and five sends per month with the free plan. The link is valid for a period of seven days.

With 15 to 45 sends per month, the premium plan increases the limit to 8 gigabytes. You can specify the validity of the link from 1 to 14 days, and there is no limit on the number of downloads. Drop Send uses 128-bit AES security to keep your files safe.

Quick-Support for Send Large Files In Roadrunner Email

We mentioned the above methods to Send Large Files To the Roadrunner Email account. Provided methods are easy to use. If users need live support. You can connect with our Experts. Just drop your mail on our support mail:   Experts will assist you within seconds and guide you step by step. Experts resolve your concern in seconds.