How to Setup Roadrunner Email On Mac

How to Setup Roadrunner Email On Mac?

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Time Warner cable internet service provider Roadrunner email to their users. If you use the time warner cable ISP, then you must have been given access to a Roadrunner email account that users can use for sending or receiving emails.

Roadrunner is an email service that is only accessible for users .This is best Internet service provider. Users can easily access your Roadrunner account by using your browser or an email client. If you may not know the right procedure for setting up your Roadrunner email account on your mac Therefore, to help you out, we have a guide on how to Setup Roadrunner Email on Mac device.

For that Users need to read entire blog without skip any segment. In this blog we discussed every step in detailed .All the mentioned methods are easy to understand and helpful .You can apply it without any difficulty. 

Method for Setup Roadrunner Email On Mac :

A popular email service from TWC, Roadrunner emails can be accessed on Mac  The Mac operating system is offering much more to its users. Well, before users move ahead with setup process, get ready with server settings (POP/ IMAP). The POP and IMAP settings for the Roadrunner email account are as follows –

Here are the steps to add your Roadrunner email account to Mac :

How to Setup Roadrunner Email
  • On your Mac users go to  Home Screen, open the Mail app option .
  • Users need to check for “Preferences” option and press  on “Add a new account”.
  • You have to look for  “+” icon
  • Users enter on it.
  • Doing this would start adding your Roadrunner email account. Didn’t find a roadrunner? Try adding it manually.
  • Next, enter your RR email address and password.
  • Click on the “Next” button.This will take you to the next step where you will need to choose the account type – POP/ IMAP.
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  • After selecting the account type, you need to enter the server details (refer to the above details).
  • Users  are done with rendering in details, 
  • Enter on Continue button.
  • Click on “Take me to the account”.
  • TAB  to sign-up for an account button.
  • Users Click on envelope-looking icon to start reading the email.
  • Click on Preferences option if you wish to alter any settings.
  • For verification, users may want to enter email address, followed by server menu. Take a backup of important data before making any changes to settings.
  • Now, you can make changes. 
  • You need to Ensure to check settings before you alter settings. (From ‘Authentication’ page, enter on Advance to enable or disable SMTP authentication.)
  • Click on Done button. This marks the end of the on-going setting up Roadrunner email on Mac process.

Other helpful steps to Setup Roadrunner Email for Mac :

Users Add Roadrunner Email :

  • After installing an email app on your device, you have to add your Roadrunner email by typing in your ID. For example, You have to Make sure you are typing in the complete email ID.
  • Users need to  type in your Roadrunner email ID, tap on Next, and select Setup Manually.
  • Enter your username and password in box 
  • Turn on toggle next to Advanced Settings.

You will see some settings like IMAP, port, SMTP settings, and more. Now, it depends on the email app that you are using, as the Microsoft Outlook app automatically detects these settings for you. However, if users are using Gmail or any other app, you may have to set up these settings manually.

Use Alternative Server Settings : 

If users set up and configure Roadrunner email on mac  using the previous server settings, but they are not working, then you can use the following server settings.

  • Incoming server:
  • Outgoing server:

Set Up Incoming Server Settings Option : 

  • Users Select the account type as Personal (POP3).
  • The server type will be: However, it will vary from user to user as per your location.
  • You have to select your port as 110.
  • Keep the Security type as None.

Set Up Outgoing Server Settings :

  • After you set up the incoming server settings, you have to input the outgoing Roadrunner email settings. 
  • Select your server as (Your domain will differ depending on where you live.)
  • Set your SMTP port to 587.
  • Maintain the security type as None.
  • Check the box next to “Require sign-in.
  • Now, type your username in the username field. For instance,
  • Type your Roadrunner password for your account in the password section.
  • Tap on Next and type your name in the “Your name” section. The name you type here will be visible to everyone when you send emails.
  • Enter “Next,” and you are done.
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Users can Check out these Two Setting Option :

POP Settings for the RR email account :

  • The account should be “POP3”.
  • is the incoming mail address.
  • is the incoming mail address.
  • The port numbers for incoming as well as outgoing servers are 587 and 995.
  • If you want to enter the server names, then add them manually.
  • Password: The password should be the same as that of the login account.
  • SMTP: Click to confirm SMTP authentication for the outgoing server.
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 Check IMAP account Type : 

  • Account type : IMAP
  • Incoming mail server address: It is the same as the one used for the POP3 type.
  • Incoming mail port: 993
  • Outgoing port: It is 587.
  • It is an email address for incoming as well as outgoing servers.
  • SMTP Authentication: users press Yes  tab to continue.
  • Users proceed  to further steps, enter on Take me to account link.
  • Click here to sign up for an account.
  • You will find an envelope icon at the top of the screen. Click here to start reading the email.
  • If you want to alter any settings, enter on Preferences from the main menu.
  • Enter the email address for verification purposes, followed by the POP or IMAP server menu. If users want to remove any settings, then click to do it directly. Don’t forget to take a backup of data online before deleting anything. If you are using SMTP, then change the settings from the ‘Preferences’ menu.
  • Change the settings from the next page that opens on the screen. You need to check the settings prior to changing the values. The process of changing the values is simple and easy to implement.
  • Users enable or disable SMTP authentication, enter on  Advance options from the Authentication page.

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